-Jacqueline Battalora, PH.D., J.D., M.T.S-

Dr. Jacqueline Battalora is a keynote speaker/trainer providing presentations on the topics of: whiteness, the social construction of race, the law & policy of racial inequality, policing & racial equity. She also communicates key ideas from these lectures through a fireside chat format or interview discussion. A partial list of clients include:  American Nurses Association; Apple TV, CBS News, Children’s Law Center, YWCA, Mortenson Corp., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, West Louisville FORUM, and dozens of schools and universities including: Evanston/Skokie Dist. 65, Milton Academy, Frances Parker, Loyola Academy, Northwestern Univ., Univ. of Virginia, Univ. of Vermont, Hunter College, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Center on Race and Social Problems, Loyola University, Florida State Univ., Univ. of Wisconsin.

Professor Battalora’s presentation … answers many questions as to why our nation’s institutions and systems are inherently prejudiced and racist today. Battalora’s groundbreaking research and insights remind us to study history when trying to understand and unpack the present.”

—Patrick Keenan, Esq. James B. Moran Center for Youth

Jacqueline Battalora provides … foundational understanding of the historical roots of white supremacy. In so doing, she offers us an essential tool for addressing racism. She is a brilliant, engaging, and insightful speaker with years of practice behind her approach. Her work is foundational.”

—Robin DiAngelo, PH.D., Author of the NYT times bestseller White Fragility and Nice Racism

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Successfully supporting and navigating diversity is essential to the long-term survival and vitality of many organizations. Battalora provides foundational understanding of racial inequality and presents tools that can transform workplaces and communities into a strong reflection of inclusion and equal opportunity.

Anti-Racial Bias Training

Training begins with the Going Back To Go Forward lecture followed by discussion. Learners then work in groups to link current challenges in society and in the workplace to the legal history explored. Dominant acculturation is surfaced by learners to expose assumptions about different gender-race groups. Brain research is them folded in, offering pathways out of these default settings. Through small group work, teams develop practices and triggers that offer new practices of interpretation and behavior.

Jacqueline Battalora’s presentation … will benefit those in the quest for racial equity…, Community members were surprised and excited to have so many preconceptions about racial history unpackaged . . ."

— Larry E. Davis, Founder of the Center on Race and Social Problems University of Pittsburgh

- Hire Jacqueline -

Lawyer, author, speaker, and former Chicago police officer, Jacqueline Battalora, reveals how and why the human category “white people” was invented, how it became a cornerstone of founding U.S. law, and how it shapes society today. Her research provides foundational tools for transforming implicit bias.

Her keynotes about the legal invention of the human category “white” people, turn contemporary conceptions of race upside down and reorient thinking about race and human divisions. The keynotes are steeped in law and history made both accessible and nuanced and wrapped in contemporary personal experience. They are engaging, thought provoking, and relevant. The keynotes provide attendees with immediate actions and longer-term processes for transforming their lives, workplaces, and communities into a strong reflection of equity and racial inclusion.

People leave with an expanded intellectual toolkit and

with greater confidence to be more open and mindful,

and on a path to be transformative.

Jacqueline Battalora is the author of, Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, 2nd ed. and numerous articles. She is an attorney and professor of sociology at Saint Xavier University and is a former Chicago Police Officer. Battalora is an editor for the Journal of Understanding and Dismantling Privilege.

She completed her law degree from the University of Toledo and came to Chicago to practice. Her interest in the role of law in creating human difference shaped her graduate work at Northwestern University where she received her Ph.D.